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Saturday, March 24, 2001

I just finished watching 'More' again.

If you haven't seen this wonderful short film, go to posted by Derrick | 21:36 | 0 comments

So they're changing the format of my favorite channel, TechTV. (yes, I know I'm a geek, get over it). Perhaps the format will be better, perhaps not. Regardless, I don't like the fact that my favorite show on the channel is going to be earlier, I'm barely able to catch it when I get home as it is.

Bah! Humbug! We fear change.

Oh well, I suppose it's not so bad, I could be forced to watch news shows that report that some other messed up kid has shot some more students....What the hell is up with that? I mean, good lord, when I was still in Middle and High school, sure I hated most of the people I went there with, and felt much like an outcast, it's called puberty, and, sure I thought about killing them all, but that's all it was. A thought. It went no farther than that.

I don't understand how this can become an acceptable thing to some kid... 'Man, I hate all those losers at school, they called me pizza face, but what can I do about it. Oh, I know! I'll take a gun and shoot them all"


But you know what really irritates me about the whole thing? I despise the news shows, radio shows, newspapers, etc. that start this whole outcry (witchhunt) on 'How can this happen?' then start pointing fingers at: Music, games, movies...take your pick. These aren't the real cause of the problem, just nifty side effects.

Think about this.
Ours is a generation in which people shooting themselves in the head is televised on the evening news.
Ours is a generation that saw it's first nationally televised, live-to-your-livingroom war (Oooo, Martha, did you see that missile hit the air shaft?).
And finally, Ours is a generation that has grown to know that, you CAN get away with murder, if you say you were abused as a child (Menendez Brothers), or if you were famous/rich enough to hire a good lawyer (OJ Simpson).

Now, I am not saying that either of the above cases was unjustly ruled not guilty, however, if you watched the same newscasts I did, you certainly got the feeling that they were dirty-guilty. What kind of a perception can that possibly be teaching our children.

OK, Now, don't blame everything on the media either, they aren't supposed to be teaching our children...here's the REAL problem -

None of the above issues would matter nearly as much, if we weren't relying upon the great-glowing-picture-tube-god to raise our children and teach them their values. How many parents set their kid in front of a television all day to watch Barney (who is the anti-christ, but that's another subject), or cartoons, or play video games all day. You can't blame this one on programming, the Gov's already done their part, and required kid show producers to have a minimum amount of educational/constructive content per episode. (Where do you think those 'and knowing's half the battle' segment on GI Joe came from?) Now ask yourself when was the last time I spent one hour, ONE HOUR, with my child?

Can't answer? Sorry, *Buzzzz* you fail. Say hello to your child before they grow up, leave the house, and don't talk to you anymore. (listen to Harry Chapin's 'Tangled up Puppet' some time, I think he sums it up pretty well)

Oh yeah, one other thing before I go.
No, I don't have any children.
I realize that I am not yet ready to have one, I don't think I could devote the time to him/her at this point, so (mind blower here) I decided not to have children until I can make that adjustment!!!

Go figure.

Friday, March 23, 2001

Weblog, Blog. Good idea. What to write in it?
...Well, as I am usually dumbfounded by the actions of those around me and/or those in the public spotlight, I'm probably going to just fill this sight up with my observations/frustrations about said actions. Heh, John T (good friend of mine) always said that if I were to have a radio station, it would have to be 'KAGR - All anger, All the time'. I don't know if I would go that far, but...I do taste my own bile often.

With that said, I'm not all that inspired to rant at the moment, perhaps some radio host, journalist, or tv show will get me all 'riled-up' later...