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Friday, April 13, 2001


Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Been a bit

So my wife is now thinking of entering the Marine Corps.

Just when I thought that life would slow down a little bit.

Ah well, that just means that in 12-15 months I will most likely be living in North Carolina, California, or Okinawa. Okinawa would be neat, I'd have a legitimate reason to learn Japanese. California is, at present, the mecca for IT professionals (with all the power problems they are having, and are likely to continue having, it may not remain a technology mecca for long). North Carolina....well, Kelly loves the state, beyond that, I probably will get along, as always...

What this does mean, however, is that I have to condense my learning timeline. Instead of having 1.5-2 years to take the Network+, and MCSE exams, along with learning C/C++, Python, and beginning Java, I now have approximately 1 year. Much less time for leisure, and much more spent on studying. One good thing though, is that my boss is ok with me studying at work, as long as I have taken care of all the projects he has for me at the time, and as long as it is related to work. Kinda cool.

I believe the focus of my studies will be on network security, as I like that idea...It's kinda like a little war between me and the world. At any rate, I have a lot to learn. I do miss being able to hang out with my friends, well, those that were left. I still have not found a group to game with here in CO. I have found a pretty good game store, but have only had time to go there once, to pick up Mummy: The Resurrection.

On that subject, it's a great book, and people should go buy it. But then again, I may be a bit biased.