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What happens when you can't keep track of a real diary.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001


Kelly and I have finally gotten an apartment! It's a nice little apartment in Longmont, CO - that's about 5 - 10 miles northeast of Boulder, CO. More importantly, it's pretty close to my work. We will be able to move in on May 4, 2001. Finally. Kelly and I now need to either plan when we are going to drive down to Ok for our pets, or, plan a trip that will meet my parents halfway.

*shift subject 0.04ms*

It seems I was mistaken when I stated earlier that I would immediately have more time for support on our computer systems, trying out software, etc. What seems more accurate, is that I am currently doing a pretty comprehensive computer inventory and housecleaning. I have to get all the vital statistics on each of our computers, including - Processor, RAM, HDD size, software, etc. Once I have all of that, I get to put together an order for computer parts that will make replacements for all those I find are too out of date. When that is completed, I will wipe each of the old systems, save three or four for test computers, and label them for our upcoming in-company computer auction... I plan to get two or three for my own home network, if they are cheap enough.

Monday, April 23, 2001

Wacky days at work.

In preparation for the economic slowdown, my company has put on a hiring freeze, and as such, I will no longer be putting together crass amounts of computers. I will be shifting my focus more on the actual support of the systems, trying out new software for the IT dept, and, in general, learning soooooo much.

In other news, Kelly's boss got laid off (reputedly he was chosen for his own personal brand of gross incompetence). As a result, Kelly is enjoying her job more, and is even open to staying in Colorado for more than one year now.

We may finally have an apartment, about seven miles from my work, and another eight from Kelly's...it's almost a straight line. I'm considering biking to and from work since it's not too far, I really need to lose some weight...I really packed on the pounds the last six months. In absence of going dancing three nights a week, I think biking will do, as long as I have some good music along.

Still want to game. Nothing on the horizon.

Sunday, April 22, 2001

You know, there's just something about listening to Casey 'I'm older than radio' Casem say "Oh fuck".