Once upon a time...

What happens when you can't keep track of a real diary.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Things continue on as life is wont to do.
Kelly and I have divorced - final as of this last week.
I sought solace in the arms of an acquaintance, hoping that it would partially fill the hole left with Kelly's departure from our marriage, all in all, a failure.
My roommate and I live completely separate lives with one strange thing happening. Kelly moved from being in my life, to being in his life.
So it goes.

I continue to think that I should learn to be happy on my own - happy in solitude. Not an easy prospect. I've only actually lived alone for one short period of time in my life - a 5 month period, during which I dropped out of college and withdrew into a world of under-achievement and avoidance of responsibility. Not such a good reflection upon me, but, that was how it was.

As an extension of that, I am seriously considering moving into a 1 bedroom apartment as soon as I live out my lease on my current apartment - due to the current state of housing in Colorado, I think that I can lower my cost of living, or keep it the same, even while living alone... that would be nice. Right now my roommate is irking me because of his relationship with my ex-wife, and his attitude toward the things that are mine. (ie while his items are sovereign and untouchable by me (not a problem to me), mine are free for him to use (this is a problem to me).

As for the acquaintance, into whose arms I fled, I thank her, she has been very warm and sympathetic, but, much as I feared, I am not really able to open myself to her and be honest in a relationship - I'm trying too soon. (For those who think I'm being silly about the timing, please remember that Kelly has been in my life for a grand total of 1 month out of the last 12 months).