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Monday, July 18, 2005

"...sort of general malaise that only the geniuses posses and the insane lament."

Perhaps it is only the after-effects of the heat yesterday... that and the many flights of stairs traversed with box after box of IT and sound equipment. Perhaps I am not dealing well with the necessary sleep deprivation in which I am engaging. There is also the possibility of dread of the vagueries of my finances and projected future plans (coupled with the actions that must be aken to achieve them.) Then again, the melancholy of a lonely heart could also be to blame.

I am not certain.

I am certain that, regardless of the effort, and continued pain of exertion involved, I am quite looking forward to tonight's group class. I hope that I can arrive early enough (or stay late enough) to work out on my own and cement the concepts that I learned this weekend. I believe they are important: a logical progression with infinite variations possible, an exercise in progression and compounding, but most importantly, a feeling of fluidity to my movements, as limited as they may be at this time.
Through that mindset, that fluid action, my muscles seem to know where they should be going. I'm not thinking of each movement as it progresses through the set, I merely am moving, and the maneuvers come. That's an exceptional feeling.

Here's hoping that the workout tonight improves my mood.


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