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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things continue apace.
Two belts in, and I am progressing rapidly. So much of it seems very natural to me. Especially since I got the idea of the way the moves can flow. I truly enjoy Kempo.

No cost of living adjustment for work. I suppose I will only be getting my bonus (undetermined at this point) at the end of the year, as well as the raise for which I will be assesed in February. I'm revising my budget... again. Nothing too drastic, just allowing for my real spending capacity. I'm pretty close to being within it now, I just have to cut down on the frivolous big purchases.

Time to sell my house.
I've been thinking that for a while. but, now I have a plan of action. I'm going to get a temporary 3rd roommate to help until I can finish my remodelling (May) and put the house up on the selling block. That is, unless I find a place that is phenomenal between now and then. But, to be honest, I have been unimpressed with the offerings in my price range. I may end up with an apartment for up to 6 months.

Regarding Rocky:
I quite enjoyed working on this last week's pictures for Rocky. I'm learning Photoshop quickly (more than just a cropping tool!). I also plan on diving into Flash for a redesign of the site in general. The majority of the cast is doing well overall. We have one malcontent. I am struggling for a solution to his antics. So much is in the air, but it is exciting. I think I'll have CEI in a pretty good position in the next month or two.

Personal life
I'm happy.


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