Once upon a time...

What happens when you can't keep track of a real diary.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here I am again.
Yeah. You made me care. You made me hurt. You made me angry. You made me hate.
I think I fucked up my right hand.

Cheer the fuck up, asshole.

What a horrible night I had. And I can't let it go. Bah.
I don't know - exercise? exhaustion? meditation? how to kill this malaise.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

In other news, I think she's finally moving on.
That's good.
It'll be good for her.

I can breathe after my lessons now.
Today, my sensei told me that he was putting me in to test for Yellow Belt at the next test.
Kinda surprising.
When I said that I thought it was kind of fast, he said, that I was wrong, that it was very fast, but, that I should be moving forward. He thinks it would be best for me to move into the next level, and intends to begin teaching Yellow Belt maneuvers and routines now.

Here's a funny thought - if I'm progessing this quickly with one private lesson per week, I wonder what would be happening if I was on the 'Black Belt Program.' If I were, I would be getting twice the amount of private lessons. It's supposed to be a 2 year program.
...I can only surmise that this gets much more difficult, and quickly at that. This must follow some kind of J curve - relatively flat for the first one or two belt progressions, then much harder.

That must be it.

Either way, I'm enjoying the hell out of myself.