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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I didnt think it would work. I thought that it was not a possibility.
I talked to Sara about it. I told her that I still love Kelly... that I always will. I told her how powerless I felt when it happened... how I still do. I told her that I really don't know why I do so many of the things I do. I just don't know what else to do - I don't remember how to live.
"How do you know when you are planning too much?"
When planning takes the place of living.
"But, I don't remember how to live anymore."

I feel better. I knew that it was between us. I knew that I couldn't feel close to her without telling her. I didn't think that I *could* actually tell her.

But I did.

I feel so much better.
God I hope I can make this work, that she can go through this with me.

I may go to therapy... grief counseling.

Heh.. I may go to a chiropractor. I've been saying that since I was 20.


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